Prayers of the People

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“The Prayers of the People! This past Easter, we had a cross where we placed flowers to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. Beginning this Sunday and through Pentecost Sunday (May 23rd), we will use the same cross, but instead of placing flowers on it, we will place prayers of blessings for our church and people. These will be called “The Prayers of the People!” For this, everyone is invited to write prayers every week (as many as you want) leading up to Pentecost Sunday and place them on the cross. You can bring the prayers already written or use the index cards that will be available to write your prayers (we will have clothespins too). For those that may … Read More

Great News

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The CDC has released new guidelines that include attending indoor full-capacity worship services. The guidelines state that vaccinated individuals may participate in indoor worship services at full-capacity and singing along while still wearing their masks. This is great news! Considering the feedback we received last week from the survey we sent asking how many of our people are vaccinated and it was indicated that we are nearing 100%. We no longer will require a pre-registration to attend the Sunday Worship service. And, we will also be able to sing along. This change will take effect beginning this Sunday, May 2nd. *We still will ask to wear a mask and will take temperature when entering. God bless you all, peace.” Pastor … Read More

Day School Spring Program

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It’s Show Time again! We are in the process of preparing for out upcoming Spring Program, Island Fun! The children are working hard on their performance and can’t wait to perform for you. Once again, our program is VIRTUAL. Our video day is Wednesday, May 19th. As soon as we receive information on when the program will be available, we will let you know. Thank you for blessing New World with your children each day!

Easter Basket Project

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Our Church Working Together For Spiritual Growth 40 days of Prayer, Sacrifice, and Blessings  As we prepared for the Lenten Season, we were called to sacrifice $1 a day for forty days and donate the money to provide food for the food insecure in our church’s neighborhood. We did so and prayed. God truly blessed our efforts.  We gave $3,625. Those gifts provided 50, not our goal of 40, muck buckets, not baskets, filled to the brim with food, with extra on the side, for our neighbors in need. We partnered with our nearest school to identify the 50 families. The counselor at the school said, “What a great way to build bridges with the community!” We are excited to … Read More