Adult Groups

Adult Sunday School Opportunities are on Zoom

Sunday School classes meetin on Sunday mornings


Foundation -meets on Zoom at9:00am Current Study: Structure of the Bible

Couples and Singles of all ages are welcome. The class studies are Bible-based, and participants enjoy great discussion, various views on the scriptures, and a variety of teaching styles. This class meets in the Parlor.

For information contact Sondra Townsend, 972-681-2815 or [email protected].

The Well

The Well - meets on Zoom at 9:00am

Current Study: "The Book of Matthew"

This Sunday School Class is diverse in ages, seeks through open hearts and minds to drink from Spiritual Waters. "The Well" seeks to provide a Christian Journey for all who thirst for the living water. Topical and Biblical studies are led by class members and outside guest speakers in a discussion format. All are welcome to come experience God's will in our lives.

Call the church office for additional information


Unity - Not meeting at this time please feel free to attend another class in the interium Current Study :

This adult class uses videos and other resources for studies of a variety of Biblical topics. Lively discussions and fellowship are always a part of every Sunday. The Unity Class meets in Room 35.

Perspectives - meets on Zoom at 9:45 Current study: Topics from the Bible

     Let’s connect in a comfortable setting, share the way we see things, and consider other points of view.
     We’ll be exploring: the Bible, Spiritual Growth, the church, Life's choices, and more...   
                                                        Meet in the Portable with Mike Ernest and Preston HIcks