Keep Praying- I want to thank you for coming out to pray for our community this past Sunday. We had 45 participants including the children who walked around the church and those who prayed in the sanctuary. We prayed for over 100 homes in our community and met some of our neighbors. What a great way to let those around us know… Read More
Time Out- When my children were young and needed the occasional reminder that they had rules to follow, I would place them in “time out.” Sometimes this was helpful in correcting their behavior, sometimes not. But I still believe the time out was valuable. Time out gives time to calm down, time to re-think behavior and, allows breathing room for everyone. Time… Read More
Let’s ROC- Let’s ROC On Sunday, June 30th we are going to take a step of faith and ROC out! We will be Reaching Out for Christ as we prayer walk through the community. We will gather for a short worship service, and then head out to pray for our neighbors. As we walk through the neighborhood, we will pray for God… Read More
Who Stole My Church Book Study- Friends, I have two questions for you....... 1) Has your church been stolen? If the answer is yes, I want to invite you to attend our church-wide book study. The dates for this study are June 10th, 17th, and 24th, at 6:30 p.m. This study will be led by myself and Rev. Don Robinson. We will journey together through the… Read More
Growing Pains- Did you know that about forty percent of young children go through some form of growing pains? Although there is no specific evidence that growth hurts, parents are often confronted with this predicament. These pains affect even the healthiest children, which leads me to believe that pain is a normal part of the growing process. This is encouraging because I… Read More
It’s Time!- Have you ever noticed that when you pop a bag of microwave popcorn, some of the kernels don’t pop? Even though the kernels receive the same heat in the same bag at the same time, sometimes they just don’t pop. It can be a struggle to find the right amount of time to get it all to pop. As Christians,… Read More
A Lesson from Labor- Friends, I believe it is safe to say that we are in transition. Believe it or not, this is good news. Whenever you go through transition, something is disrupted, challenged or changed. On the surface this may not seem like a good thing. I want to suggest that it is. While I must acknowledge transition can be difficult, transition can… Read More
New Sermon Series Creed- Creed: What Christians Believe and Why by Adam Hamilton We're all searching. Sometimes the search is easy: simply type a question and the answer pops up. But sometimes our questions are complicated, and the answers are difficult to see and harder to articulate. How do we discover and examine the truths that give meaning and purpose to life? Adam Hamilton… Read More
Christmas Giving- The Christmas season is upon us! What a blessing to experience the hope, love, joy and peace the birth of Christ offers us. I want to express my appreciation for your faithfulness to New World Church through your prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness. We have been blessed this past year with many changes. We have a new youth director… Read More
We Will Overcome- The Faith to Overcome Fear is a very powerful emotion that can impact our lives in helpful and harmful ways. Fear is helpful in that it teaches us to avoid danger. Fear is harmful when it keeps us from new experiences and possibilities for growth. Fear can help or hinder.  The recent shooting of Botham Shem Jean created a great… Read More