The Doubter’s Faith - We often judge people by one mistake. We never let them forget it, and we never let the world forget it. We tend to forget the good as soon as something goes wrong, which is unfair and very unhelpful. This is what happened to Thomas, one of the twelve disciples. He is not remembered for all the times he was… Read More
Beyond Disappointment: Finding Jesus When Faith Falters - Have you ever felt the temptation to abandon your faith when life doesn’t align with your expectations? This struggle is not uncommon. Many of us grapple with the disappointment that comes when our prayers aren’t answered as we hoped or when we question the value of our beliefs. It is in these moments that we are truly tested. So, what… Read More
Resurrection Revolution: How Easter Changes Everything - Today is Easter Sunday, a day which marks not just a moment in history but the beginning of a revolution. What revolution am I talking about? The Resurrection Revolution. Here is what I mean by that. By definition, a revolution signifies a fundamental change or turnaround, often transforming the established order in a dramatic and lasting way. Historically, revolutions have… Read More
Palm Sunday: Fix your Mind on GOD - Palm Sunday marks Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem for the last week of his life, a week before his resurrection. It is known as “Passion Week” and symbolizes the final seven days of Jesus’ earthly ministry. This event fulfilled prophecies from the Old Testament, such as Zechariah 9:9, which speaks of a humble king bringing salvation and peace to Jerusalem, “Rejoice… Read More
Guest Speaker: Caroline Noll - Please join us on Sunday March 17th and welcome our guest speaker Rev Caroline Noll. This will be the 5th in the Lent Series "Wesleyan Holiness" and this message is "Striving Together with God". Rev. Caroline Noll is an ordained Deacon appointed as a Chaplain to Children’s Medical Center in Plano.  She is proud to have been raised here in… Read More
Guest Speaker: Dr. Victor (Vic) Casad - Please Join us on Sunday March 10th and welcome our guest speaker Dr. Vic Casad. Dr. Victor (Vic) Casad is a retired elder in the United Methodist Church.He retired from active ministry in 2021 after thirty-eight years in the North Texas Conference.  After receiving his MDiv degree from Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, Vic came… Read More
Entire Sanctification: A Deeper Walk - We are over two weeks into the Lenten season, and today is the third message of our Lenten series, “Wesleyan Holiness.” What have we learned so far? In the first sermon, we learned God wants us to be sanctified, to become more like Jesus so we can mirror his love to the world reflecting his character. This sanctification is not… Read More
Grace upon Grace:The Means of Sanctification - In last week’s sermon marking the beginning of the Lenten season, we discussed the essence of holiness in our Wesleyan tradition. We explored holiness not as adherence to rules, an unattainable goal, or a solitary endeavor but as a transformative process driven by God’s grace, focusing on living out our faith through love and service. The central claim I made… Read More
The Heart of Holiness - Today is the first Sunday of the Lenten season. During Lent, we are invited into a time of reflection, repentance, and spiritual renewal. For this, over the next six weeks leading up to Easter, we will journey together reflecting on what it means to be holy in our Wesleyan tradition. What is holiness? The answer will vary depending on who… Read More
From Ashes to Grace - Ash Wednesday introduces Lent, a season inviting us into deep contemplation of our mortality and the rejuvenating grace of God through Jesus Christ. This journey is characterized by fasting, repentance, moderation, and spiritual discipline. It invites us into introspection, recognizing our reliance on divine grace amidst our pursuit of perfection and acknowledgment of our inherent brokenness. This season can be… Read More