Standing on God’s Promises - Last week, I introduced the concept of biblical stewardship. In the Bible, anytime you read about stewardship, it refers to someone as a manager of entrusted gifts and responsibilities—someone who is given the responsibility to take care of something on behalf of someone else. For example, the managers mentioned in Scripture were often like managers in today’s world, overseeing accounts,… Read More
Jesus, the Healer of the Brokenhearted - I want to thank God for the opportunity to be in front of you this day. Thank you, Pastor Edgar, for entrusting me with the pulpit. Thanks, New World Church, because from the first Sunday that my family and I visited, you gave us a very warm welcome. About three months ago, my family and I moved from Wisconsin to… Read More
Standing on God’s Promises - Dear Church Family, One of the most well-known and fascinating stories from the Bible is the story of Joseph of Egypt. His story is told in Genesis (37-50). Joseph, one of the thirteen sons of Jacob, was hated by his envious brothers, who seized him and sold him as a slave to Egypt. There, he rose as a trustworthy servant,… Read More
Am I Saved? - Am I saved? Meaning, am I going to heaven after I die? Have you asked yourself this question? What do you think? How do you feel about it? Sometimes we ask the question because it is hard to believe God would forgive us after everything we have done. For others, there comes a time when we simply realize that life… Read More
Be A Sticker - Life can be a battle. We go through difficult seasons where it is hard to believe and feel confident about our future. Some of those times, we may even question our faith or give up on it. You know what I am talking about. We all go through bad seasons of either hardship or lacking of any kind—not just material:… Read More
Welcome to Mariel Vela - We are pleased to share with you that on October 11th, Mariel Vela will join New World UMC as the Director of Worship Ministries and Gara Stark will assume a new role as the Minister of Congregational Care. As the Director of Worship Ministries, Mariel Vela, will be responsible for organizing and leading the Sunday Worship service. She will also… Read More
Our Divine Tasks - When you hear the word “sacrifice,” what comes to mind? Is it a positive image or a dreadful one? I guess it depends on the context and who is making the sacrifice. For most people, when they think of sacrifice, it is a pain that comes to mind. For some, it is a reluctant pain, while for others, dutiful grief.… Read More
Don’t Stop Halfway - In Spanish, we have this saying, “Se te cierra el mundo!” which means you shut down or closed your mind to possibilities both in your present and future. The phrase is used to describe those moments we all have experienced when we get so overwhelmed or discouraged by a seemingly unmanageable situation that we give up because we can’t or… Read More
The Best of Us - I believe children are the best of us. They are a precious gift from heaven—all of them, no exceptions. I also believe that those that take care of them are very special people, a treasure, for they nurture them in many significant and life-changing ways. What about God? How much does Jesus care about children? Of course, Jesus loves all… Read More
Vaxxed Against Fear - Vaxxed Against Fear Vaxxed Against Fear Bazan 1 Have you ever been afraid? How did it feel? Fear is paralyzing, right? It freezes the body and clouds the mind handicapping the ability to think clearly about what we face and need to do about it. Some fears are healthy, for example, the kind that will keep us from jumping off… Read More