Laity Sunday - Laity Sunday celebrates the ministry of all Christians. It is a Sunday to recognize and celebrate the partnership between laity and clergy. It reminds us that we cannot do ministry alone, that God calls all of us to serve God’s kingdom, and that we are all in the business of making disciples. We are blessed at New World to have… Read More
The Lord is Near - The Lord is Near I remember an incident that occurred when my oldest nephew was around 6 years old. I had taken him to the grocery store with me and we were in line about to check out when I remembered something else I needed to purchase. I could see the aisle only a few steps away, so I told… Read More
More Than Enough - More Than Enough In John 6 a large crowd follows Jesus after witnessing his healing power. Jesus climbs a mountain and sits down with his disciples. He then turns to Philip and says, “Where are we going to buy bread for these people to eat?” The scripture says Jesus does this to test him. In Matthew 14 Jesus says bluntly,… Read More
Broken Pieces - Have you ever noticed what happens when you break a glass? First there is the ear-splitting sound it makes as it shatters. Then there are the fragments that scatter all over the place so that you’re afraid to move for fear of hurting yourself. So, you stand there frozen for a moment (especially if you’re barefoot) trying to decide how… Read More
No Room for Fear - No Room for Fear I was listening to a song by Zach Williams one morning entitled, “Fear is A Liar,” As I listened, I began to wonder how often we allow fear to interfere in our lives. I say this because in my own experience, I can recall the many times I’ve allowed fear to interfere. The song is true,… Read More
Still the Storm - Still the Storm The devastation in the Bahamas in the wake of hurricane Dorian is heartbreaking. It is difficult to see those who have lost everything and even more painful when there is loss of life. Storms have a way of wreaking havoc and leaving a mess. Storms have a way of making us feel helpless and out of control.… Read More
Next Steps - Next Steps Friends, it is that time of year when summer winds down, school starts, and we head into the fall. We are in transition in many ways in our lives and as a congregation. By faith, we continue to move towards becoming a Modern, Christ-Centered Community. So, what’s next? How do we discern where God is leading? What should… Read More
Let Us Pray - Let Us Pray Friends, I must admit I am at a loss for words. The tragic events of this past week dominate my thoughts and I am certain that I am not alone. To be honest, words fail me. I am left to wonder if there is anything to be said that would be meaningful. How can we make sense… Read More
Keep Praying - I want to thank you for coming out to pray for our community this past Sunday. We had 45 participants including the children who walked around the church and those who prayed in the sanctuary. We prayed for over 100 homes in our community and met some of our neighbors. What a great way to let those around us know… Read More
Time Out - When my children were young and needed the occasional reminder that they had rules to follow, I would place them in “time out.” Sometimes this was helpful in correcting their behavior, sometimes not. But I still believe the time out was valuable. Time out gives time to calm down, time to re-think behavior and, allows breathing room for everyone. Time… Read More