Mens Breakfast (All are Welcome)

2nd Saturday of Each Month. 8A in MAC in rear of Church.

The United Methodist Men's group comes together the 2nd Saturday of each month for breakfast at 8:00am. Everyone is welcome... men of all ages and ladies too. It is a great time for fellowship, and a chance to gather in God’s house, as we spend time in devotions and prayer.

Gods Men in Action was formed through the Methodist Men to help meet the needs of our church, family and community.
We support church projects, fundraisers and NW Day School in any way we can. You are invited to drop in and join us. No invitaion required!

For more information contact Rod Hayes at (972) 279-6145.

YOGA Group

Meets at Church (Mini-MAC) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7P.

The Festival

Come join our group each Tuesday and Thursday. Beginners and all are welcome.

Contact Jan Kidd at Church office; 972-279-6145

Congregational CARE.

Congregational Care Ministries provides care, concern, prayer and support for families and individuals at various stages, places and circumstances of life and engages the congregation in service and community for one another.

Contact: Cindy Galbraith at Church Office; (972) 279-6145

All-Church Workdays

All Hands on Deck!

Come and serve the Lord together in a church-wide expression of gratitude for the grounds and facility that He has given to us. We want to be good stewards of His property by keeping things clean, organized, weeded, pruned, painted, repaired, etc. There will be ways of serving that is appropriate for every age and skill level, both inside and outside, to keep the building and grounds looking their best.

Contact Bill Allen at (972) 279-6145.