NW Day School 4 Star Certification

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Congratulations to the amazing staff at New World UMC Day School for achieving a Texas Rising Star 4 Star certification.

The Day School staff works diligently towards achieving the high standards that are required for the TRS program. Many things such as new curriculums and changes in classroom arrangments are being made. A complete makeover of lesson plans listing each major daily activity and it’s objective for teaching the activity is included in our daily lesson plans. In addition an explanation of how this will support the child’s learning in areas of Language and Communication development, Cognitive Development, Social/Emotional, Physical Activity and Motor Development is listed on the the daily plan.

Why is a TRS certification important when choosing a program for your child? Choosing a school that has gone through and maintained a certification status assures parents they are choosing the best in early childhood education. First, childern are exposed to excellence in all areas of learning. Secondy, all staff has been educated, observed and the program evaluated in every area of child development. Thirdly, the program centers around families and family development.

TRS Certification.