New Day for New World

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No one likes change. Change frequently becomes a platform for anxiety in an individual’s life. We all like routine. Knowing what to expect makes us feel safe and offers us the comfort of seeming stability. Yet, change is inevitable. We are changing creatures in a changing world. Things are either changing for the worst or for the better. Nothing remains static. Growth and progress necessitate change. This is no less true with regard to the growth and progress of our church.

Starting this Sunday we are trying some new things in worship over the next several months. After prayer, meetings and a lot of work we are stepping out by faith with a new approach to our Sunday morning experience. So we want to encourage everyone to come anticipating a great Sunday as we worship Him, see each other and learn more about our wonderful God. So bring a friend or a person that needs some encouragement because this Sunday is a New Day for New World.

Jim Gray