New World Day School 2018 Summer Camps

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2018 Summer Camps The New World Day School is having a Fun Time Summer Time – Summer of Fun for Preschool and School Age Children!  Call the Day School office for more information and to register..972-279-8393. Registration for Preschool Summer Programs June, July, or both sessions. ·       The time is 9 a.m.-1:30 ·       No Summer Fun Time Classes July 3rd -7th ·        $25 for one child ·        $35 for two children in same family ·        $40 for three or more children in the same family · Session 1    June 11th – June 29th   Tuition:    Monthly M/W/F       $162 M-F            $216   Session 2    July 9th   – July 27th Tuition:  Monthly M/W/F       $162 M-F            $216