Prayers of the People

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“The Prayers of the People!

This past Easter, we had a cross where we placed flowers to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. Beginning this Sunday and through Pentecost Sunday (May 23rd), we will use the same cross, but instead of placing flowers on it, we will place prayers of blessings for our church and people. These will be called “The Prayers of the People!”

For this, everyone is invited to write prayers every week (as many as you want) leading up to Pentecost Sunday and place them on the cross. You can bring the prayers already written or use the index cards that will be available to write your prayers (we will have clothespins too).

For those that may not be able to come to in-person worship, you can email your prayers to us and we will place them on the cross for you.

Let’s Pray!

Pastor Edgar.”