All In

New World UMCPastor's Blog

Friends, we begin this new year grateful to God for the many ways God has sustained and blessed us. I am thankful for another year in ministry with you and I am filled with hope for our future. I believe God has awesome things in store for us, but we must work with God to make miracles happen. I want to encourage you to renew your commitment to the Lord through New World Church. If you are a member of New World, you have committed to serving the body of Christ with your prayers, presence, gifts, service and your witness. In other words, you committed to be all in. If you’re all in, this means you’re sold out, you are team New World. Why not kick off this year by rooting for your team. Tell someone how God has blessed you through New World Church. Invite someone to worship. Recommit to bearing witness to the goodness of Jesus Christ in your life. If you’ve been missing in worship, I invite you to recommit to being present with the body of Christ on a regular basis. We are nurtured, strengthened and blessed as we worship together. If you are not currently involved in a ministry, let me encourage you to recommit to using your gifts. We are all gifted by the Spirit without exception. These gifts have been given to each one of us to serve the body of Christ. If you have not returned your giving commitment card, I encourage you to recommit to faithful giving. We are all to participate and grow in the grace of giving so that the church can live out its ministry faithfully. Then friends, we must recommit to fervent and consistent prayer. The church of Jesus Christ was birthed through prayer, is sustained by prayer and grows through prayer. We will begin this year with 21 days of corporate prayer, praying specifically for New World Church. I will have more information for you about this on Sunday. It’s a new year and God is calling us to faithful discipleship. I have decided that I’m all in. What about you?