Nursery & Pre-School Sunday Information

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Children’s Ministry for Easter and Anniversary Sundays

This Easter Sunday the church nursery and preschool room at the nursery door, located at the hall cross path, will be open from 9 to 12 for infants through preschoolers with Ms Mackenzie and a volunteer. Schoolers through 5th grade will be in the MAC gym until 10:00 with Ms Renee and Ms Stacey, when they will then move to the mini Mac by the church office. Youth will meet Adam in the youth room next to the nursery.

For our anniversary Sunday, April 28, nursery and preschoolers will remain the same. The schoolers will report to the mini Mac only, due to preparations for the reception. Childcare will be provided from 9:30 to 1:30. Youth are invited to help us entertain our guests. Adam Dennis will be here.

Starting this Sunday, there will be a new safety protocol introduced. All children will need to be signed in by a parent, leaving the child’s name, the parents name and a cell phone number so we can text you in case we have a need. Parents will need to return to sign your child out when leaving.

We are looking forward to new faces and the opportunity for them to be safe, have fun and be blessed under different circumstances. Thank you for your cooperation.
Stacey Hascoe, Children’s Minister