New Year, Same You, Same God

New World UMCPastor's Blog

It’s 2018! It is a new year, with new possibilities, new hopes, new dreams and more New Year’s resolutions. I wonder why most of us don’t keep the resolutions we make year after year. Studies have shown that 80% of people fail to keep New Year’s resolutions and 70% last for one month or less. Resolutions are like wishes. They sound good, but there’s no real substance to them. Perhaps it would be good to bear in mind that while the year may be new, you’re the same. So am I. The change in the date doesn’t automatically translate into a changed life. Real change, requires real work. Let’s say, for example, you want to lose weight (I know, sensitive subject). Instead of a hasty gym membership that you’re not going to use for long, how about a decision to live a healthier lifestyle? Then how about building on that decision by assessing what this means in practical terms for your life. Next, look at eating habits and think through possible changes. Then perhaps design or follow a reasonable plan that you can live with. Next, some accountability, someone to hold your feet to the fire……get the picture? Change requires more from us. It is only we choose to do the work of change that we receive the reward of change. It’s also helpful to remember that the God who was with us last year is still the same. Perhaps this is the year to fully rely on God. The constancy of a God who never changes (which is a good thing) will strengthen us as we seek the growth we need. New Year, Same You, Same God. That’s a formula for real and lasting change.
Happy New You!