Are You Willing To Take the Next Step

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Are You Willing To Take The Next Step?
2 Kings 4:2 – “Your servant has nothing there at all,” she said, “except a little oil.”

There is a powerful story tucked away in 2 Kings Chapter 4. It tells of a woman who had reached the end of her rope. Her husband had died. She had no way to pay her debts. There was no Social Security, Welfare, Medicaid, Medicare or other assistance programs at that time. Her creditors decided to take her two sons as slaves for payment of the obligations that still remained. She was at the end with no hope in sight. She couldn’t see the next day and above all of that, she had NOTHING in the house in which to feed her family.

In her despair, in her pain, in her darkness, she pleaded for assistance with the only man of God she knew. I am enamored by the discourse that took place between the two. So often we believe we have to have prayers that last for an hour or give God a dissertation regarding our plight. Their conversation was direct and to the point.

“Is there anything in your house?” Elisha asked. “Nothing at all,” she said, “except a little oil.” Elisha then instructed her to go and do something that made no sense. He told her to collect all the empty jars that her neighbors owned. He told her to ask for as many as she could. The challenge in this narrative is not what Elijah told the widow to do, it was the widow being willing to do it! So often our faith is tested when we are faced with situations that we’ve never encountered or seem greater than our current resources.

The scripture reads that when the jars were collected, Elijah told her to pour what little oil she had into the jars. Guess what? The more she poured, the more oil came out of that little flax! The oil was more than enough to fill the jars. In fact, there was more oil than jars! “Go, sell the oil and pay your debts. You and your sons can live on what is left” (2 Kings 4:7b).

Do you have a problem that is perplexing to you? Do you see no way of meeting your need? That need can be physical, mental or spiritual. God may have already given you the skills and talents to meet your need. However, He may be waiting for you to mix them with faith. Ask God to show you the steps necessary to solve your problem. Be willing to take the next step.

From My Heart To Your Heart,